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Oliver Lagerström Co-CEO MFEX        

Oliver Lagerström, Co-CEO

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About MFEX

MFEX are independent experts in global automated fund distribution, offering a complete solution for fund trading, rebates collection and delivering fund information.

Banks and other distributors of funds use MFEX to easily trade local and cross border mutual funds cost efficiently. Clients can have one single counterpart, providing a full service solution; reducing operational risk, minimizing transactional costs and extending rebate coverage. Through MFEX you get access to the world's largest fund range with trading, rebates and fund information from more than 750 fund companies and 50 000 funds that MFEX cooperate with. Fund companies get easy access to more than 100 distributors in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. MFEX handles the trading and collection of rebates with full transparency for both distributors and fund companies.  

MFEX has contributed to the opening up of the European fund market, from being dominated by a few players to today’s landscape of a completely open architecture. MFEX continues to contribute to the fund market's development with a growing range, more transparency, easier transfer of funds and lower costs through modern solutions.

MFEX with Head Office in Stockholm and offices in Umeå, Paris and Singapore.